Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fake Friends Minifigures

 I've bought a few bootleg Friends building sets in the past, primarily to use the bricks and accessories for my MOC sets.  Over time, I've acquired a few of the Friends minifigures from different bootleg brands such as Bela, Sheng Yuan (SY), and Lepin.  I prefer to use Lego style minifigs in my displays, so these ones all get tossed into a plastic bag.

 If you're wondering why they are all bald, it's because their hairpieces are actually compatible with the Lego minifigure heads.  The majority of the Friends style minifigs are female, but there are about two or three male minifigs.  In terms of uniqueness, almost all of them have their own outfit, I think there's only one or two that are duplicates.  Also the faces of the friends minifigures have some variations in facial features and eye colours too.

Here is a list of the sets where the Friends style minifigs come from:

  • Bela 10169 Pet Hospital
  • Bela 10162 Cafe
  • Bela 10541 Emma's House
  • Bela 10403 Recording Studio
  • Lepin 01007 Hotdog Van
  • Lepin 01011 Pizzeria
  • SY Pop Star

 Stored away in the same bag, are the Sluban style of minifigures, also not compatible with the Lego style.  While most of them are male, there are a few female minifigs in the Sluban line-up as well.  I figured I might as well take pictures of them too, since I have them out.

A lot of the Sluban minifigures come from the construction series, that's why there' so many of them in overalls.  A lot of them came with red hardhats, and fortunately, they will fit on a Lego style minifigure head.  The hairpieces aren't that great but they do kind of fit also.  That's why these ones are bald too.  If you look closely, they do have some unique looking faces.

Here's a list of the Sluban sets where these minifigs come from:

  • M38-B0516 (City series) Girl at Mailbox
  • M38-B0565 (City series) Hotdog Cart
  • M38-B0563 (City series) Courier
  • M38-B0523 (City Series) Camper
  • M38-B0551 (Construction series) Excavator
  • M38-B0539 (Construction series) Steam Roller
  • M38-B0555 (Construction series) Tower Crane
  • M38-B0552 (Construction series) Dump Truck
  • M38-B0550 (Construction series) Cement Mixer

So do you collect Friends style minifigures and do you ever mix the alternate brands with the Lego stlye minifigures? Product - Lepin Elsa Anna Ice Dream Romantic Castle 25002 Model Building Blocks Cinderella Princess Castle 25006 City set Legoings Friends


  1. I really like the Sluban style of minifigures! Is there a place to buy them without having to buy the sets they come in?

    1. Not that I'm aware of, sorry. You could buy some of the smaller sets though, ie Sluban sets 0512 thru 0518. They feature a minifig with just a few accessories. Hope that helps!