Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kopf Brand KL9009 Breaking Bad Minifigure Set

Hey brick fans, welcome back to Bricks and Figures!  I bought another set of alternate Lego minifigures from Aliexpress, back in June and just got them recently.  I paid $5 USD for this 8 figure set.  In truth, I haven't watched the show, but I thought five bucks for 8 minifigures is a good deal for populating my Its-Not-Lego town.

Kopf KL9009 Breaking Bad Minifigures

If you are looking for this set, you can find it on Aliexpress by searching for KL9009.

In case you wan't more details on the characters, our friends over at Down the Blocks have identified all of the them.

Here are the actual pics of the figures.  Face and body printing is good, but the hats have a lot of scuffs and scratches.

Here's a look at the arm printing that two of the figures have.  And here's my favorite character ...

Unfortunately, the apron that came with the figure was defective.

He better hope that gun doesn't go off.

The defective apron.

That's ok, the ladies don't seem to mind, haha.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Minifig Monday: Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane

Wonder Woman had her invisible plane pushed out of the hangar.  Here she is climbing into the cockpit.

Monday, July 24, 2017

My Flower Cart MOC Inspired by Lego 40140 building set.

Hi and welcome back brick fans!   Thought I'd show you my latest addition to my Its-Not-Lego town today, it's a small flower cart that I MOC'd.  My plan is eventually to make a flower shop modular building for my town but in the meantime I was researching Lego flower carts to get ideas.

When I did a google search for Lego Flower cart, I found that Lego already has a 71 pieces polybag set 40140 that was a promotional giveaway.  Here's a picture of the set I found on the Internet.  


Initially I was planning on just reproducing the set with my spare brick parts, but then when I looked at it more closely, I didn't like how high the cart sat in relation to the minifigure.  It would be quite a reach to get the flowers off the cart.  So I decided to make my flower cart as low as possible.

I used the wagon wheels from some alternative brick brand army set.  From there I tried to use as few bricks as possible for the sides of the flower cart.  I still wanted to be able to attach a broom and a watering bottle to it.  I was able to make the entire cart from brown bricks, but I wonder if I need to add some accent colour to it to make it pop.

And I definitely needed some handles to the push the cart.

 Instead of using the awnings like the original Lego flower cart, I simply attached an umbrella over the flowers.  I have lots of crates so I filled a couple with flowers and foliage.

Well, that's all the pics, thanks for dropping by and checking out my flower cart MOC.