Tuesday, June 18, 2019

French Fries Concession Stand - Sembo 6064

Hi Building block fans!  Today our featured build is the French Fries concession stand that is part of the Mini Food Shop series of buildings.  The brand is Sembo and the set number is 6064.

I'd like to point out that the majority of these mini shops are a lot smaller than than the normal minifig scale shops like Lego or Hsanhe.  If you look closely at the top picture, you will see quite a difference in the scale of the French Fries shop compared to its neighbouring shops.  I was curious to see if the Sembo set could be used in my modular town.

I was pleasantly surprised that my set was quickly delivered after 2 weeks of ordering it off Aliexpress.

Although there's no mention of the number of pieces for the concession stand, I counted a total of 141 pieces from the 2 sided instruction sheet. 

Here's all the pieces unpacked and ready for building.  Oh I almost forgot to mention that there's a sticker sheet with the word Fries and a small menu.

I completed the build in no time flat and here's the finished french fries stand sans stickers.  Er, those line-up stands look a tad small.  There's pegs on each side of the building which I assume allow you to connect this set to the others in the mini shop series.  I think those french fries on top of the roof really make the building pop.

In case you were wondering what the interior holds, there's a computer screen for taking orders and a couple of small canisters on the counter, maybe they are for the salt and vinegar?  On the floor, I think one side holds a sink and tap and the other side is a box with a paddle.  I have no idea what it's supposed to represent.

Here's a look at the side of the concession stand.  There's 2 windows and some masonry bricks which is repeated on both sides of the building.

The French Fries stand does not come with any minifigures, so if you decide to get this set, you'll have to provide at least a minifig or two, to represent an employee and a customer.   In the pic above you can see that the scale of the building is not too bad and scales well to the minifigure.  This set is pretty good as it is, but I wanted to reduce its size so it would match the scale of my other concession stands.

I think I was able to reduce the size of the building by about 20 to 30%.  Here's a look at all the parts I was able to strip away.  That includes the sink and the mystery box.  Fortunately I can reuse those 4 windows in my other modular buildings.

I substituted the white windows for some brown window frames and lowered the counter height.  I had some extra french fry block pieces so I put one on the counter.  I don't normally put the stickers on my sets, but I thought in this case, the french fries stand looks a lot better with the menu.  Too bad they X'd out the prices though!

Here's the Sembo french fries stand next to some other concession stands.  The two stands immediately to the left are from the Lepin Roller Coaster set 15039 which you can find here on my other blog Its-Not-Lego.blogspot.com. 

Hope you enjoyed the pics and quick review!

Brand: Sembo
Model: French Fries Stand 6064
Number of pieces: 141
Number of minifigures: 0

Here's a link to the Aliexpress store that carries the set.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

City Bus MOC

Hmm, I wonder when the bus is going to show up today?

 It finally came!  It's a new bus for Its-Not-Lego town. I made this one based on the design of the Sluban city bus model M38-B0330, which is also part of my brick collection.  Except that I used different building block pieces from my parts stash to create this bus, not just Sluban bricks.

 I might need to make a sticker to show a route name on the front of the bus.  The front of the bus has lots of details like the mirrors, and the streamlined front grill with headlights and turn signals.

The back of the bus has taillights and a license plate.

 It was easier for me to put the door in the middle of the bus than to put it up front.

 The door in it's open position.

 The roof of the bus comes off in panels.  Here's how it looks inside.  There's only enough room for three seats plus the bus driver.  Might be standing room only during rush hour.

I like that the windows are tinted on the bus.

I've ordered the Sluban double decker bus, which I'll compare to my own when I get it.

So this will be the fourth bus in my town collection.  Here's a list of the busses I have so far:

Sluban City Bus M38-B0330 (modified)
Wange Bus 30132
Enlighten Sightseeing Bus 1123
My own City Bus (Sluban design)

Thanks for looking!
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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bike Shop MOC (Temporary Build)

Hi Bricks and Figs readers, I just wanted to give you an update on one of my MOC buildings.  I built this orange and lavender coloured mini modular a ways back which you can read about here.

When we last looked at it, the small building was empty and looking for a renter.
I'm pleased to say that it is now occupied by a bike shop, if only temporarily.  I still have plans to make it an ice cream shop later.

The bike shop has a nice selection of bikes for sale outside the store.

Here's someone getting a new bike for his birthday.

 Still not crazy about the lavender bricks, but oh well.  The building is still too small for the needs of the bike shop and extra bike inventory has to be stored in the shipping container out back.

 Here's some surplus bikes still in storage.

Drone shot.

The bike shop is split into a store front and a service area.

In the service area, there's just enough room for one person to work comfortably fixing bikes.

To maximize room, bikes for sale are mounted on the wall.

Some custom high end bikes are on display by the front entrance and in the front window.

The place is a bit small for the bike shop but the price of rent was really cheap.

Service is slow because they can only work on one bike at a time.

Another overhead shot.

The three minifigs I've included in this set: the bike shop owner, the bike mechanic and the customer who just happens to be a brother of the bike mechanic.

Here's the bike shop sandwiched in between the two Lepin pet shop buildings.

I'll be making a bigger building on a 32x32 baseplate to house the bike shop.  When that building is completed, I'll move the bike shop there.

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for looking and see you next time!
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