Friday, January 25, 2019

Review of GBL KY98216 Minifigure set

Hello again!  

I'm reviewing another Lego clone set I bought during the Aliexpress 11.11 sale in 2018.  I just got the set recently so it has taken about 2 months to get to me.  This is my first encounter with the brand GBL which is short for Gao Bo Le.  Is GBL is a sister brand of Kazi?  Not sure.   Anyways the set number is KY98216 and consists of 8 train themed diorama minifigures.  

Each minifigure comes packaged with a little 20 piece accessory set and a two sided instruction sheet.  Let's check them all out now.  (Warning! this post has lots of pictures.)

KY98216-1:  White collar woman (all minifig descriptions courtesy of Aliexpress).

The female minifigure sports a pink blazer and white pants.  Her hair isn't plastic but rubber, similar to the hair found on Lego Friends minifigs.

There's no backside printing on the woman minifigure.

The white collar woman pushes a luggage cart consists of an orange parcel and 2 suitcases.  I've seen this cart used as a baby tram before.  In the diorama, there's two green seas and a recycle bin with lid.
Nice touch on the printed bin.  I got an extra hand too.  

KY98216-2:  Little Boy in Park

The little boy minifigure has a light blue tunic and is wearing overalls but only on the frontside.

The little boy's diorama consists of a brown park bench and a pair of green and pink balloons stuck into 2 brick pillars.

 KY98216-3:  Bizarre Doctor

This set is truly bizarre.  We have this weird faced minifigure who's supposed to be a black suited doctor carrying a printed briefcase.

The doctor comes with a dining room set that has a circular table, two pink chairs, a mug, a newspaper and a bowl of something.  Unfortunately, the pedestal for the table doesn't fit into the hole.  And what's with the pink chairs?  This is my least favorite set of the series.

KY98216-4: Station Announcer

The station announcer wears a white jacket and blue cap.  He's got a headset as well.  His facial expression looks confused.

While the announcer isn't the best minifig of the bunch, I really like his accessory set. He's got this control center with telephone and microphone on 2 small desks.  It's hard to find these type of Lego like accessories.  All the control center parts are printed too, not stickered.  Announcer also gets an extra headset and hand.

KY98216-5: Station Inspector

Although this minifigure is called Station Inspector, I'd call him a maintenance guy, based on his accessories.  He looks to be wearing an orange jumpsuit with lots of straps and pockets.  He wears a blue cap and sports glasses on his face.

His diorama/accessory set is a platform ladder, a beige tool box with a drill, some bits and a wrench.  He gets an extra hand as well.

KY98216-6: Steward

This minifig is called the Steward, but I'm not sure what his actual job function is.  He's wearing blue pants, a white suit jacket with a blue shirt.

The accessory is an automatic gate.  I can probably use that in my Lepin 02015 Train station set.

KY98126-7 Stewardess

GBL calls her a stewardess, but she looks


Thanks for checking out this review.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Got the Fry Guy for my McDonalds MOC - PG1235

Hi there, I added a new minifigure to my Hsanhe MOC McDonalds.  It's the Fry guy on the left.  He's manufactured by Pogo - PG1235.  He joins my Kopf branded Ronald McDonald minifig KF947.
If you're looking for this minifig on Aliexpress, you can either search for the lone figure using PG1235 or you can search for the set of three minifigs (Fry guy, Pizza guy and Ice Cream guy) using code PG8114.

I changed the minifig to use a yellow torso and red pants that matches the mascot outfit.  I also used a different head on my minifig.  If you're interested in getting extra fries with that, just follow the Aliexpress link below.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My HISHE Super Cafe MOC (not Lego)

Hey Everyone!  I'm back to show you my latest build.  I'm a huge fan of the Youtube channel called How It Should Have Ended or HISHE for short.   If you haven't seen the awesome animation lampooning the latest movie blockbusters, you need to check it out here.

Anyways, I was watching some of the Super Cafe videos, where Superman and Batman shoot the breeze on various topics, and it occurred to me I might have in my bootleg Super Hero minifig collection, the same ones as featured in the videos.   Sure enough, here are Superman and Batman with the same costumes as the ones in HISHE.

The HISHE Super Cafe Lego Version

So then, the next thing that came to mind was re-creating the Super Cafe that is featured in their video ... Some screenshots are above.

Let's do some research then.  We see that the HISHE Lego version of the Super Cafe has dark gray seating and beige walls.    It's hard to make out the windows and what's outside.  The table is light gray and six studs wide.  We can see salt and pepper shakers and napkin dispenser on the table.  Batman's mug is light tan in colour.  The table height is just under the lower part of the window.
Green Lantern stands quite high up, not sure if he's floating or not.

The HISHE Super Cafe Animated Version

For reference purposes, I've gathered some screenshots of the animated version of the Super Cafe.

 In the above pic, there are two tables side by side, and there are ceiling pendant lights over each table.

Here's another scene where you see other chairs from the other tables.  Whenever there's a large crowd, they are usually seated at a round table instead of a square one.

The yellow car shows up a lot in all the Super Cafe videos.

The seating at the square table should allow for someone to sit next to both Superman and Batman.

Batman almost always is nursing a mug of coffee or something.  There's a few scenes of Superman checking his cell phone, but never eating or drinking.

This pic shows the height of characters standing outside the Cafe windows.

My Super Cafe MOC

So first of all you should know that I use a lot of different brick brands, not all of them Lego.  I just cobble together different building bricks from whatever I have on hand to make my creations, but I can assure you that there are at least a few pieces of this build that are actually Lego.

I didn't have any pale green bricks, so I used these beigy bricks instead for the floor,  upper walls and ceiling rafters.  I used white bricks on the lower walls.  My Moc has the ceiling lights.  I've used some grid pieces for the ceiling to allow light to filter into the seating area.

I didn't have any dark gray bricks to simulate the seating so I used some black seats and bricks instead.  My seating is a bit lower than the animated version to keep the table height close to the bottom of the window line.   My table is six studs wide but white in colour, not light gray like the HISHE lego version.  I decided to use a smooth surface because it looks better IMHO.  I've got my versions of the salt and pepper shakers, and decided to use a clear square piece for the napkin holder.
I've got lots of floor space should I decide to move the seating out to accommodate bigger groups.

In the HISHE animated and Lego versions of the Super Cafe you never see what the Cafe looks like from the outside.  I decided to add an awning over the big picture window.  I also added a sidewalk for any minifigures who want to be visible from inside the Cafe.  It also makes them stand up a little higher.

Superman and Batman decide to check out the Super Cafe.  Hmmm, I should add a door on the side.

Our favourite Super Heroes are seated at the table.  My MOC only focuses on the square table version, not the round table group version.

Superman's got his phone and Batman has his mug.  I didn't have a tan mug so I substituted a yellow one instead.  I even got the yellow car going by in the window.   The seating is a tad low but this keeps the table low as well.

Hey, look there's Green Lantern!

Wonder Woman joins the table as Wolverine looks in from the street.

Well, that's all folks.  Hope you liked my version of the  Lego style HISHE Super Cafe.   See you next time!