Monday, September 25, 2017

I made a Mini Modular MOC from several brands of bricks.

Hi there!  Yesterday, I was going through some army related brick sets I have.  They aren't a theme that I've really gotten into.  So I did an inventory and I had an army base, a military Jeep, a combat medic ambulance, an assortment of motorcycles and several army minifigs.  Oops, I guess I should have taken proper pics of them before taking them all apart.  I started deconstructing them so I could use some of the green bricks in making a new mini modular.

And here's the final result.  As it turned out, I didn't use that many of the dark green bricks because I didn't want a modular that was too dark.  I ended up just using the army green bricks around the foundation and some accent pieces along the roof.  

The First Floor

With my limited amount of bricks, the best option for me was to make another two storey building in the same design as my Hsanhe KFE mini modular building.   Here's a peek at the first floor looking in.  As you can see it's still unfurnished.  I've used some of the green bricks as banding around the foundation perimeter and closer to the top.

The white bricks come from different brands, hence the colour inconsistencies.  I think I used white(ish) bricks from Megablocks (the worst, they yellow), some from Gudi and Sluban, and some from Enlighten.  I figure nobody is going to see the sides of my building anyways.  The one brand that's not in this building? Lego, lol.

 The front facade is borrowed from the Enlighten Sunshine hotel set.  The front and rear green doors are taken from a Hsanhe set I reviewed last week.

 Another look at the side reveals a lot of colour inconsistencies amongst different brick bands.

Like the first floor, the second floor is empty also.  The second floor roof uses black tile bricks from Sluban. I can tell because all of the Sluban bricks are stamped M38.

The Second Floor

 The green bricks around the windows are from the Lepin Parisian restaurant.  Some of the army green bricks made their way into the second floor as well.  Since I'm using several smaller pieces for the roof instead of one solid piece, there is a tendency for the bricks to arch upwards at the ends, oh well.

 At some point in the future, I have to add a staircase to access the second floor from the first floor.

 This is how the mini modular looks from the side.

 And this is how it looks next to the Hsanhe KFE building.  It's pretty much the same height and proportions.

Here's the mini modular in the streetscape with the other Hsanhe buildings I have modded.   I just wanted to show everyone that it doesn't matter what bricks you use, you can still have fun making little buildings such as this one.  It doesn't always have to be Lego.

So what kind of shop can I make it?  Please let me know if you have any ideas, because I still haven't figure out how to furnish it yet.   Thanks for looking! Product - Mini City Street 3D Retail Store Aquarium Cafe Poke Ball Apple Cartoon Ice Cream Pizza Shop MOC Educational Building Blocks Toys

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