Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sluban M38-B0565 Hot Dog Cart Set Review

I saw this little building block set on Aliexpress and thought it might be a nice addition to my Lepin modular town.   This Hotdog Cart is made by Sluban for it's newest series Town Business Street.  The set number is M38-B0565 and it contains 112 pieces.

The instructions for the Sluban Hot dog cart comes on a single two sided page.  This is the first side.

Here's the second part of the instructions.

 The hot dog cart set comes in two separate bags.  There's no stickers that come with this set.

 These are the Hot dog cart building block pieces removed from their bags.

 Sluban mini figures are made differently than Lego mini figures. There are no parts that are compatible to each other.

Here's a comparison of the Sluban mini figure versus a Lego compatible mini figure.  The Sluban mini figure actually has more mobility than Lego.  It's head can tilt side to side and it's hands can rotate in different directions.  The torso can also turn left and right.

 This Sluban set consists of one mini figure, a red scooter and a hot dog cart with an assortment of foods.  Despite it being a hot dog cart, the only things sold are buns and sandwiches.  There 2 green beverage bottles too.

The scooter can attach and detach from the the cart.  The cart carries two goblets and has tables that flip up on either side for serving food.

Here's the back view, but I'm not sure what the attachments are supposed to be.  To the right of the cart, you can see that you get a lot of extra parts that are leftover from the build.

 You get two sandwiches and a large assortment of buns.

Our vendor mini figure has setup his hot dog on a busy street in Lepin town.   But he doesn't look to happy that nobody wants to buy his sandwich.

This set only cost me about $2 and the clutch of the Sluban bricks is good.  I'll probably replace the cart wheels with Lego compatible wheels.  I will probably build another cart more specific to selling hotdogs and add a grill and some hotdog bricks.  Since I've got a good selection of buns, I will probably make this a pastry cart instead.  Oh and sorry, but the mini figure has to go because it's not Lego compatible.

Brand:  Sluban
Series: Town Business Street
Model: M38-B0565 Hot Dog cart
Number of pieces: 112 with lots of extra parts
Price paid: about $2 from Aliexpress - free shipping Product - Sluban Building Block City Town Hot-Dog Dinning Car 112pcs Educational Bricks Toy Boy Gift - No Retail Box

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