Sunday, October 15, 2017

Keep on Trucking

Hey All, just wanted to do a little picture show today.  I have all these cool city and delivery vehicles which drive around Its-Not-Lego town to bring in supplies and keep the town clean.

This is the Enlighten brand Garbage Truck and Street Cleaner.  Model 1101.

Also by Enlighten, this nifty Ice Cream Truck. Model 1112.

An Express delivery truck by Enlighten.  Model 1119.

This tractor trailer is from Wange.  Model 40615.

This small delivery truck is from Kazi. Model 6093.

This super long truck and trailer is also by Wange.  Model 40616.

This utility truck is by Sluban.  It's from the Tower Crane set B0555.

And finally, the Lepin City Truck. Model 02036.

As you can see, I still have a few more reviews to do, so hopefully I will get to that soon.  Bye for now. Product - City super police station mobile Command centre legoeinglys block policeman swat figures helicopter jeep truck car stacking toys

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