Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bela 10541 Emma's House and Enlighten 1119 Delivery Mashup

Yup, I did it again.  I made another little modular building by using parts from other building block sets.  In this case, I used parts from the Enlighten 1119 QM Delivery set and the Bela 10541 Emma's House set.  Let's do a quick review of the sets individually before I delve into my MOC.

Enlighten 1119 QM Delivery

Pictured above is the Enlighten 1119 Express Delivery building set.  The 337 piece set consists of a small delivery depot, a delivery truck and motorbike.  The set also includes 4 minifigures.  Sticker sheet is provided for the store signage and delivery truck.  Brick quality and clutch is good, consistent with the newer Enlighten block sets.  It's a set that is designed by Enlighten and not a bootleg of a Lego set.

I think this set cost me $16 USD which wasn't really that cheap.  I just checked Aliexpress and you can get this set for 13.75 now.  Here's the link if you are interested:

Anyways, I built the set and then promptly disassembled it, so I didn't really do a formal picture review of it.  The truck is nothing special and the shop is merely a door with some pillars without any walls or roof.  The minifigs are ok though.

Bela 10541 Emma's House

This set is a bootleg of Lego 41095 of the same name.  I reviewed my set here:
After the review, I promptly stripped the set down for parts, and so I had a surplus of lavender coloured bricks which was hard to incorporate into my other building sets and MOCs.

The New MOC

So it kinda occurred to me that the orange and lavender coloured brick pieces might go together without looking too gross.  I followed my standard method of construction for a small modular:  ie.
using a 16x32 stud baseplate and making a little building that has a depth of about 16 to 18 studs.

The pieces that really define the Enlighten Delivery shop are the giant orange sign with uplighting and the orange door and awning.  As I designed my MOC, I decided to retain as much of the original look as possible. Essentially I was supplying the walls and roof that the original building was missing.  I was able to keep the front facade mostly orange and white with just a small lavender accent stripe.

Here's a corner view of my new MOC building.   You can see that the walls make good use of the lavender bricks from the Bela Emma's house.  In fact, because all the bricks are from the same set, there's no colour variations in the lavender, unlike some of my other MOC sets where I use bricks from different brands.

This is another side view of the building.  If you wanted to create a backstory for it, it could have previously been a beauty salon which was then converted into another type of store, maybe an ice cream shop or something.  Now, the building is back up for lease or sale.  That's why it's empty on the inside.

Here's the rear of the building with a back door.  I left a couple of orange bricks in, to make it look like the building has been repainted at some point.

As with all my MOCs, I make sure that the roof can be removed, for interior viewing and access.

 Right now the building is just being used for storage.

Here's the little store MOC placed next to my MOC KFC.   Sally the realtor is waiting for one of her clients to meet her for a viewing at the shop.

Hey, turns out the client was already here and checking out the rear of the building.  Well, there you have it.  Please let me know what you think of this little creation, and what kind of store I should turn it into.  Thanks for looking and visiting my Bricks and Figs blog!   See you next time. Product - BELA 10541 Friends Series Emma's House Building Blocks Classic For Girl Kids Model Toys Marvel Compatible with Lego

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