Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kopf Brand Canada Superhero Bootleg Minifigures KF357 and KF358

Hey bootleg brick fans!  A very long time ago, when I had just finished high school, I got hired by the now defunct toy maker Parker Brothers to give Yo-yo demonstrations.  I used to have to drive around towns and cities and perform yo-yo tricks in malls and toy stores.

In my off hours, I would visit book stores and buy their used comic books to read.  I remember coming across a Marvel series called Alpha Flight and it was all about these Canadian superheroes, which was pretty cool, me being Canadian and all.  Wolverine was actually in Alpha Flight before he became a member of the X-Men.

The leader of the Alpha Flight team was Guardian and so when his minifigure showed up on Aliexpress, I knew I had to get the minifigure of him.  That's him on the right with the Canadian flag on his uniform.

Another Canadian superhero is Captain Canuck who had his own comic but was not part of either the Marvel or DC franchises.  Both of these figures are part of Kopf's 8 minifg set KF6029.   Individually, Alpha Flight Guardian is KF357 and Captain Canuck is KF358. 

It should be noted that both of these Kopf figures are bootlegs of the custom designs by Engineerio.

 image source: ebay

image source: ebay

If you want to get the legit versions of Guardian and Captain Canuck, you can find them on Engineerio's ebay page here.

Here's a look at the backsides of each of the characters, Captain Canuck on the left and Guardian on the right.  FYI, Guardian never had a shield, especially not one so generic.  Engineerio's version didn't have one either, so not sure who decided to give him one.  Print quality is excellent on both of my bootleg figures.

And just so you know, they aren't the only Canadian superheroes.  Here's Deadpool and Wolverine with Captain Canuck and Guardian. 

Update: Feb26 - I had a few people ask how to find these minifigs on Aliexpress.  You can search by the numbers "kf357", "kf358", or "alpha flight" or "captain canuck" in the Blocks category on Aliexpress.

Thanks for looking! Product - Single Sale Super Heroes Guardian Alpha Flight Captain Canuck Marvel Melter Prowler Hell Boy Building Blocks Kids Toys KF6029

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