Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bootleg Brick Building Sets I Bought in 2017

Hi There!   I made this list of all the fake lego sets that I bought back in 2017.   Most of my sets were purchased from Aliexpress, with a few from eBay and a few from private seller Jeremy on Reddit.

Here's the breakdown of the sets I bought this past year:

1. AUSINI (1)

Ausini 25004 train

2. BELA (4)

BELA 10403 friends recording studio
BELA 10418 police van
BELA 10643 plane
BELA 10648 pizza van


ENLIGHTEN 907 Firetruck
ENLIGHTEN 1123 bus
ENLIGHTEN 1214 sub

4. GUDI (4)

GUDI 9109 pirate island
GUDI 9208 fire pickup
GUDI 9209 fire truck
GUDI 9215 fire rescue

5. HSANHE (1)

HSANHE 6704 mini building

6. KAZI (1)

KAZI 8051 firehouse

7. LELE (1)

LELE 79204 SW skyhopper

8. LEPIN (17)

LEPIN 01007 friends hotdog van
LEPIN 01011 friends pizzeria
LEPIN 02012 deepsea explorer
LEPIN 02015 train stn
LEPIN 02034 cargo port
LEPIN 02036 semi truck
LEPIN 02047 gas station
LEPIN 02058 park people
LEPIN 02069 crane
LEPIN 05005 SW FO Tiefighter
LEPIN 05029 SW xwing
LEPIN 05111 SW quadjumper
LEPIN 07057 batman pizza
LEPIN 15006 modular cinema
LEPIN 15010 modular parisian
LEPIN 21007 horizon express train


QIALETONG TS20131 army truck

10. SHENG YUAN (1)

SHENG YUAN 877B batman mr freeze

11. SLUBAN (2)

SLUBAN B0519 fountain

SLUBAN B0523 green van

Total 37 sets

I bought sets from eleven different alternate brick brands including Ausini, Bela, Enlighten, Gudi, Hsanhe, Kazi, Lele, Lepin,  Qialetong, Sheng Yuan, and Sluban.

Here are the main themes of my bootlego collection this year:

City (23), including Fire-Police (6), Trains (3), Marine (3)

Star Wars (5)

Friends (3)

Modular (2)

Superheroes (2)

Pirate (1)

Military (1)

Purchased from:

Aliexpress (18)

Ebay (14)

Jeremy (5)

My Favorite Themes

I like building my Its-Not-Lego town with all of the modular buildings and city sets which I can incorporate into it.  I bought the Hsanhe set and some of the Friends sets primarily as parts fodder of my MOCs such as the modular style pizzeria and flower shop.  I've now got most of the modular buildings that I want with the exception of the Lepin Assembly Square.

My favorite set from 2017 has to be the Lepin 05053 Star Wars AT-OT just because it looks cool and I always wanted the Lego version but could never afford it.  

How many bootleg sets did you buy in 2017 and which ones were your favorites?   Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for looking!


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    1. Sure, you can message me over on my Facebook page ...

    2. Yes, I have messaged you. I await your reply!