Monday, December 25, 2017

Bootleg Minifigures Database By Down The Blocks

Welcome back to Bricks and Figs! 

Quick pop quiz today:

  1. What's the latest and greatest set of bootleg minifigures to come out?
  2. Who are the big manufacturers of bootleg minifgs at the moment?
  3. Is there a bootleg of a minifigure I want?

If you are like me and want the latest bootleg minifigure news, you want to head on over to Down The Blocks blog.   They always have the latest news about new minifigures that are showing up.

I briefly thought about compiling a list of bootleg minifigures a couple of years ago but gave up because I knew I could never keep up.   This was back when Sheng Yuan and Decool ruled the bootleg minifigure world.  After awhile they were rehashing the release of super heroes minifigures and there was only so many Iron Man and Captain America figures they could make.

Then came the Pogo and Xinh explosion coming with new super heroes I've never even heard of.
There's such a variety that it boggles the mind.  And it's such a major task trying to keep track of all of them.

Fortunately Down the Blocks has done the impossible by creating Minifigure Databases for both Pogo and Xinh brands.  These are currently the two major bootleg brands to produce minifigures.   

Here's the the direct links to the Pogo Minifigures Database List and the Xinh Minifigures Database List.   Go to Down the Blocks now! 

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