Thursday, July 13, 2017

My List of Marvel X-Men Minifigures - Not Lego

I was going through my new bootleg minifigures from Pogo and quite a few are new X-Men characters that I never knew existed.  I then checked out the Wiki page for the List of X-Men members
here.   Wow, so many of them!

I thought to myself what a challenge it would be to see how many of the X-Men members I had in my bootleg minifigure collection.  So that's what this blog post will be about.   I'll keep adding minifigures as I get them, so come back often to see the new additions.  This page will be an ongoing Work In Progess.

Let's get started!
This first list will be the original X-Men team members which includes Professor X, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel/Archangel, Beast and Marvel Girl/Phoenix.  I will also show the variations that I have of each member if I own it.   As you can see I'm still missing a few from this list.

X-Men Original Members

My Bootleg X-Men Minifigures
No X-Men Member Image Brand/Set Remarks
1a Professor X

POGO PG8006 PG026
1b Professor X

XINH X0115 XH271
2a Cyclops

Sheng Yuan SY308 (3)
2b Cyclops

Decool 0139

Sheng Yuan SY178 (1), (2)
2d Cyclops

XINH X0106 XH143
2e Cyclops

POGO PG8056 PG195
3 Iceman

POGO PG8006 PG027
4a Angel

POGO PG8019 PG090
4b Archangel

XINH X0115 XH269
4c Archangel


POGO PG8019 PG088
5a Beast

XINH X0128 XH364
5b Beast

Sheng Yuan SY259
6a Phoenix (aka Marvel Girl)

6b Phoenix (aka Marvel Girl)

Sheng Yuan SY258
6c Phoenix (aka Marvel Girl)

XINH X0106 XH139
6d Dark Phoenix



(1) not in my collection yet
(2) alternate XINH version also
(3) X-Men vs. The Sentinel (copy of Lego 76022)

The next X-Men bootleg minifigure list will look at the 20th Century recruits, like Wolverine, Colossus and Storm to name a few.  That will be in another blog post, hopefully sometime soon.

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