Monday, July 24, 2017

My Flower Cart MOC Inspired by Lego 40140 building set.

Hi and welcome back brick fans!   Thought I'd show you my latest addition to my Its-Not-Lego town today, it's a small flower cart that I MOC'd.  My plan is eventually to make a flower shop modular building for my town but in the meantime I was researching Lego flower carts to get ideas.

When I did a google search for Lego Flower cart, I found that Lego already has a 71 pieces polybag set 40140 that was a promotional giveaway.  Here's a picture of the set I found on the Internet.  


Initially I was planning on just reproducing the set with my spare brick parts, but then when I looked at it more closely, I didn't like how high the cart sat in relation to the minifigure.  It would be quite a reach to get the flowers off the cart.  So I decided to make my flower cart as low as possible.

I used the wagon wheels from some alternative brick brand army set.  From there I tried to use as few bricks as possible for the sides of the flower cart.  I still wanted to be able to attach a broom and a watering bottle to it.  I was able to make the entire cart from brown bricks, but I wonder if I need to add some accent colour to it to make it pop.

And I definitely needed some handles to the push the cart.

 Instead of using the awnings like the original Lego flower cart, I simply attached an umbrella over the flowers.  I have lots of crates so I filled a couple with flowers and foliage.

Well, that's all the pics, thanks for dropping by and checking out my flower cart MOC. Product - City Military Accessories Building Blocks MOC Weapon DIY Green Bush Flower Grass Tree Plants Toys Friends LegoINGlys City Bricks

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