Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lepin Parisian Restaurant: Not One But Two!

In May, I bought another Lepin Parisian Restaurant 15010 from Aliexpress because it was only $45 USD and that included shipping.  Normally this set costs around $65 to $70 USD due to the extra cost of DHL shipping.  The Aliexpress store/drop shipper got around the shipping costs by sending me the building blocks in two separate packages.  Each package only weighed around 1.5 Kg, so they could send it via China e-Packet service.  I think if packages are under 2 Kg, Aliexpress sellers can use e-Packet, otherwise anything heavier has to use DHL.

Surprisingly, I got all the parts for the Lepin Parisian Restaurant, but I had already decided that I wanted to modify the newer Parisian Restaurant.  Here is a list of the primary modifications I made to the most recent set:

1.  Reverse elevation
2.  Change the building colour
3.  Change the front entrance

I made other changes too, but I'll save all the good stuff and pics for a more detailed blog post, coming soon! Product - In Stock DHL Lepin 15010 Expert City Street View Shop Store Parisian Restaurant Building Kits Blocks 2418Pcs Bricks Toy


  1. Hello, could you tell me the name of the store where you bought this modular, was it a punctual offer?, They send by e-packet if it weighs less than 2kg, or i have to ask?, Thank you very much, sorry for my english i am spanish

    1. Sure, I bought this set from a store called suhaibo on aliexpress. Hope that helps you.