Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Collection of Lego and Non Lego Fire Rescue Building Sets

Today, I'll be showing you my small collection of Fire and Rescue building sets.  Most of them are not Lego but I do have a few Lego sets as well.   The little utility vehicle above comes from the Kazi 8052 Fire Station set.

This is the Fire Department Car, model 8057, also by Kazi.  You can tell the Kazi models by the crappy wheels that they come with.  I believe this is a copy of an older Lego model.

Another Kazi model, this one is model 8055. It's a Fire Department pickup truck with trailer. This is a near bootleg of Lego model 7942.

This was my first Gudi model fire truck 9209.  I like that it's wheels are similar to that of Lego models. 

This model is the Fire Truck model 8054 by Kazi.

Another Gudi brand fire apparatus,  this fire truck is from the Fire Rescuer set 9215.

I modified this Kazi 8053 Fire Snorkel model by extending the cab.

Here's an actual Lego model in my collection.  It's the Fire Truck from the Fire Emergency set 60003.

Here's my other Lego model.  It's the Fire Department Helicopter 7206.

The Kazi Fire Station 8052.  

As part of my Fire Marine unit, this model is from Gudi 9213.

 And finally, this big Fire and Rescue ship, by Enlighten, model 909.  Despite it's massive size it only has 361 pieces.

I have a soft spot for Fire and Rescue Apparatus as you can tell from my building block collection.   I also collect Fire Engine Diecast models which you can find on my other blog:

Just curious, does anyone else collect Fire and Rescue building sets or diecast?  Please leave me a comment below.

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