Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wange Villa sets

Historically, Lego city buildings like their Modular series have been very expensive, ranging anywhere from $100 to $200 per set.  They get even more expensive once they become discontinued.

They have some Creator buildings like the Family House, Hillside House, Beach House and the Bike Shop, but they too are quite expensive.

So I wanted to find some in-expensive building block sets where you could build some houses.  I found a brand called Wange that does a series called Creation Villas.  Obviously Creation is a knock-off term for Creator.  

Pictured above is the largest set in the Villa series, it is set number 34051 and it has 909 pieces.  The house has two stories and a large patio that is fenced in.

The next Villa model is set 34052 being a three storey building consisting of 755 pieces.  This one has a basketball court in the side yard as shown in the picture above.

Set 34053 has 816 pieces and a see-saw in the yard of the three storey home. Product - Wange 5311 1298PCS Architecture series the Rural villa Building Blocks set Classic MOC house Toys for Children Gifts

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