Monday, July 1, 2013

Enlighten and Ausini Train sets

It seems to me that, these days, there aren't as many interesting minifigure sets on ebay anymore. There used to be auctions ending almost every 15 minutes, now they are down to about an hour or so. But still there's not much new stuff , so I decided to see what other brick sets were available.

I followed a certain alternate brick seller and noticed that he had these little train cars for under $20.

I did some scouring on the Internet and found out these were produced by Enlighten.  I've bid on a few auctions hoping to snag them in the $10 USD range, but have had no success yet.  On Aliexpress, they sell for around 20 USD also, so I can surmise that is the going price.  The number of bricks for each set is just under 200 pieces, so that makes them a bit expensive.

Then I noticed these train sets by Ausini.  Wow, much more detailed and many hundreds and thousands of pieces.  To buy them off Aliexpress or Ebay Buy It Now would cost you about $100 USD.  Now mind you the Lego original sets that they are cloned from go for much, much more.  In some cases, about $300 per set.

Here are some images I snagged from the Ausini website.  This is the link to their train page.

Ausini 25002 - 832 pieces

Ausini 25003 - 764 pieces

Ausini 25004 - 792 pieces

Ausini 25110 - 928 pieces

Ausini 25111 - 1008 pieces

Ausini 25807 - 588 pieces

Ausini 25808

Ausini 25810 - 517 pieces

Ausini 25902 - 630 pieces

Ausini 25903 - 681 pieces

There are other Ausini train sets and train cars but the above are my favourites of the lot.

Which ones are your favourites? Product - Ausini Building Blocks Compatible with Lego A25002-25904 Models Building Kits Blocks Toys Hobby Hobbies For Chlidren

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