Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sheng Yuan SY186 Green Lantern Mini Figures

On display today is the 8 figure set of DC comics Green Lantern Super hero from the brand Sheng Yuan.

Here is Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.

Hal Jordan suited up as Red Lantern.

Hal Jordan, Black Lantern version.  Leg printing is crooked.

Blue Lantern Hal Jordan.

Orange Lantern.

White Lantern.   Terrible Leg printing again.

Sinestro Yelow Lantern.  Yet another poorly painted figure.

Atrocitus Red Lantern

Green Lantern mini figs group shot front

and back.

Brand: Sheng Yuan
Set: SY186 Green Lantern Super heroes
Would I recommend this set? Yes, despite the printing problems, there aren't any other Green Lantern variations. Wish Decool would make a set. Product - HOT Avengers 3 Infinity War Building Blocks Toys Figures Legoing Marvel Thanos Iron Man Corvus Glaive Capation America Groot

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