Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lele Lego Movie Bootleg mini figures

I bid on this Lele Movie set of mini figures on a lark.  So, I certainly didn't expect to win it for only $5.51.  This set has ten figures from the Lego movie.  Overall quality is meh.  Lucky I didn't pay a lot for these.  This is most probably my first and last set by Lele.

Wild West Wyldstyle

Statue of Liberty

Good Cop

Lord Business

Emmet Construction Worker

Spaceman Benny - chest design flaking off, mold lines on the helmet

Vitruvius - printing on the body is kind of poor, not a clear crystal on the end of the lance like the real Lego minifig

Unikitty - lots of imperfections on the face block.

The following two figures were not in the movie.  I checked them against all the figures in the Complete character guide.  http://screenrant.com/lego-movie-characters-guide-2014/

is he supposed to be part of the fantastic four? crappy white gun

Who is this? missing hand on receipt, crappy white gun

Brand:  Lele
Series:  Lego Movie mini figures
Would I recommend this set? No, don't waste your money.

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