Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Qiaoletong Police Mini vehicle sets Instructions

Due to popular request, I've posted the instructions for the Qiaoletong sets of police mini vehicles here.   There are ten different sets.  I only put together the security guard and liftgate set. The others I took the printed police parts and wheels for other brick builds.  The Qiaoletong brick sets don't have any names for their sets so I'll just list them by the set number and make up the names as I go.  Each set comes with a two sided one page set of instructions.

TS10100-01 - police plane - 20 pieces

TS10100-02 - police boat - 17 pieces

TS10100-03 - police chopper - 25 pieces

TS10100-04 - police bike - 23 pieces

TS10100-05 - security guard and lift gate - 27 pieces

This is the only set I built you can find more pictures of it here: 

TS10101-01 - police car - 23 pieces

TS10101-02 - police scooter - 19 pieces

TS10101-03 - police vehicle - 24 pieces

TS10101-04 - police vehicle - 20 pieces

TS10101-05 - police vehicle - 27 pieces

All of these little sets are easy to build and the parts should not be difficult to source. 

Brand: Qiaoletong
Set: 10 police mini brick sets
Number of pieces: approx 20 to 27 pieces per set
Minifigs: 1
Would I recommend this set? No.  I only bought it because it cheap on ebay.

AliExpress.com Product - [Yamala] City Series Police Car Fighter mini Educational Building Blocks Toys Compatible With legoingly City

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