Monday, April 1, 2013

Kazi 8042 Bulldozer

Got my first Kazi construction vehicle this week.  It's part of the City Build series, number 8042.

The seller from Aliexpress was kind enough to ship the box, but my mailman crunched it all to hell.  On the back of the box, it shows other sets in the City Build series including a Forklift, Dump truck and Crane.  I have the Forklift and Dump Truck coming soon.

Here's the contents of the box. Five plastic bags and an instruction sheet.  No stickers with this set.

Front page of the instructions.

Back page of the instructions.

Yet again, like the other Kazi sets I got, this one also smells like gasoline.

I think the smell is strongest from the rubber tires, so I definitely recommend washing the parts in hot soapy water before handling.

The shovel clutch is good and it doesn't slip when loaded up.  The Kaiyu Engineering logo is printed on the bricks on both sides. No cheap stickers here.

The front wheels are hinged.

Not sure why the construction worker mini figure has a tie on.

Overall the set is good, except I don't like how the roof is installed. It's difficult to put the mini figure in and out of the bulldozer.  I'll probably make a hinged roof in future.

The Kazi bulldozer is a direct copy of the Lego Front-End Loader 7630 set.  

Here's the Lego 7630 version.  You can see that the Lego version has different wheels and larger tires.

Brand: Kazi
Set: 8042 City Build
Number of Pieces:  117 pcs.
Minifigs: 1
Would I recommend this set?  No, unfortunately it smells too much of gasoline. Product - KAZI 8042 City Construction Bulldozer Building Blocks Develop Intellectual Block Assemble Building Toys Kids Christmas Gift

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