Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pogo PG8025 Big Bang Theory Minifigures

I'm not really a fan of the Big Bang Theory, but I am a fan of these minifigures.  This is the 7 character set from Pogo and the set number is PG8025.  They cost me about $1 CDN each, so that's like 75 cents USD.   I ordered these way back in November but just got them now.  Shipping from Aliexpress is definitely taking longer and longer.

There's also another Big Bang minifigure set that has all of the same characters above but you get one extra Sheldon who is in a green lantern shirt.  That set is put out by the Xinh brand (see pic below).

All of the characters have the two sided heads, you can compare the minifigs  faces in the first and second pictures.   The quality of the minifigs is good except for Raj's face that has a white streak right in the middle.  That's not a light reflection, see second picture.

Not featured in my pictures are the accessories you get with most of the minifigures.  Penny has a goblet as pictured.  Raj has a briefcase.  Howard has a rocket ship.  Sheldon has a green lantern. Leonard has a doll of some sort.  Amy has a newspaper, which surprisingly says The Lego News.

These minifigures will be nice additions as regular folks in my It's Not Lego town.

If you want to order the Big Bang minifigures separately from AliExpress you can search by the code as follows:

Entire set of Pogo 7 minifigures:  PG8025
Sheldon PG-978
Leonard PG-979
Rajesh PG-980
Howard PG-981
Penny PG-982
Amy PG-983
Bernadette PG-984

Entire set of Xinh 8 minifigures: X0125
Flash Sheldon XH339
Rajesh XH340
Penny XH341
Green Lantern Sheldon XH342
Leonard XH343
Bernadette XH344
Amy XH345
Howard XH346 Product - Big Bang Theory Movie Cartoon Rajesh Penny Sheldon Leonard Bernadette Amy Howard Model Building Blocks Children Gift Toys PG8025

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