Saturday, January 14, 2017

6 New Hsanhe Building Sets Spotted

Hsanhe is a Lego compatible building set brand.  It has created a series called Mini Street which consists of several small retail shops based on real life stores, such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Apple, KFC to name a few.  Those small shop sets cost under $10 USD and each building comes with two minifigures.

Now Hsanhe has upped the ante by creating another set of 6 buildings also in their Mini Street line.  These new small modular buildings are constructed along the same lines as the Lego Creator Corner Deli shop.  Each two storey shop is hinged in the middle so that it can be displayed as a corner shop.  These look to be original designs and not bootlegged from Lego sets. 

This new Hsanhe Mini Street series is numbered from 6700 thru 6705.   Each set has over 450 pieces with the biggest set being 500 pieces.  It looks like each set comes with 2 minifigures. I could only find 2 stores on AliExpress that sell them for a retail price of about $17 to 18 USD each.  That puts the new Hsanhe sets at about half the retail price of Lego Creator Corner Deli set.

Hsanhe 6700 Pet Shop, 466 pieces

Hsanhe 6701 Fashion Store, 462 pieces

Hsanhe 6702 Townhouse, 504 pieces

Hsanhe 6703 Market Shop, 458 pieces

Hsanhe 6704 Corner Bar, 472 pieces

Hsanhe 6705 Pool Hall, 472 pieces.

There's no description for each of the new Hsanhe sets on Aliexpress so I came up with my own such as the Townhouse, the Market Shop and the Corner Bar.  If they do come out with proper descriptions I'll update this blog post.

 I'll be watching Aliexpress over the next few weeks to see if they come down in price.  If they do, I might pickup a few sets to see what the quaility is like.

Update:  I've added links to the Aliexpress sellers in case anyone is looking for them. Product - HSANHE City Store Architecture Pet Shop Opera Figure Blocks Construction Compatible Legoe Bricks Building Toys For Children


  1. These sets are 3-in-1, although the alternate builds aren't very good nor too different.

    The colors don't seem to go together.

    1. I agree. i guess there's always room for improvement.

  2. Love these sets. If this set design is from "the group" over in china, they did a good job.
    But I also had a question. Has any of the not like lego groups released any generic's based on the Hasbro cityville invasion series? (I want to know if anyone is making those little figures, besides Hasbro.)

    1. Sorry, I'm not really familiar with Hasbro products.