Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Own Custom Hospital

What is one to do when it is pouring rain outside?  For me, I decided to make a hospital scene using bricks from different sets and different brick brands.  In case you're a Lego purist, you better stop reading now, because none of this is real Lego.

This hospital scene consists of a two storey hospital, an ambulance and a helicopter, all in matching white and red colours.  There are six different rooms in this hospital.

On the second floor, there is a  private room where somebody is going to get an injection from the nurse.

The second floor also consists of an administration area, and a laboratory.  One of the lab technicians is using a microscope.

Downstairs is a waiting room with a patient waiting to be seen.

There is a main lobby and an empty room which I haven't decided what to use it for.  Maybe you can help me decide what to use it for?

Outside, there is an ambulance just dropping off a patient.

There's enough height in the ambulance to accommodate a standing minifigure.

In case of emergencies, there is a helicopter standing by.

Here's a look at the front of the hospital. It has an outside balcony on the second floor, a seating area and a small garden.  Entrance to the hospital is through the double doors.

For this scene, I used the following brick sets:

Wange Medical Hospital set 29162

Wange Medical Hospital set 27163

Star Diamond Ambulance set 82106

Sluban Helicopter set M38-B0363

The inspiration for my hospital was from the Wange Hospital 29162.  It had the 2 floors with bay window and double entry doors but not much else.  After I built the original set, I started to think about adding some extra rooms to make it more substantial.  

I used another Wange set 27163 to build one of the hospital wings.  Although there are several other Wange medical sets, they are basically just variations of the 27163 set, just different rooms.  I had enough spare bricks to make the rest of the hospital so I decided not to buy the other Wange medical sets.

The ambulance I made is sourced from the Star Diamond set 82106 but I didn't keep the original design.  After I built the ambulance, I found it too small, so I extended the wheelbase making it longer.

Finally, the helicopter is from Sluban set M38-B0363, and it's pretty much original, I didn't change it.
I'm not a big fan of stickers, so I didn't apply any of the stickers that came with  any of the Wange, Star Diamond or Sluban sets.

Regarding the minifigures, the ones from Wange and Sluban are really crappy and not Lego compatible. The Star Diamond hospital doctor and nurse minifigures are pretty decent though.  The nurse minifigure in the back of the ambulance comes from Bozhi set 98057.

Thanks for looking!

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