Saturday, February 1, 2014

Decool 116-121 Super Heroes Mini Figures

Here's yet another set of Super Heroes mini figures from the brand Decool.  Again Decool has mixed the DC and Marvel heroes together into one set as we saw in their debut set which I reviewed here.  This set has 6 figures numbered 116 through 121.

Loki 116

Wolverine 117

Robin 118

Deadpool 119 , printing not so good around the eyes.

Batman 120 fixed wings.

Green Lantern 121

Build quality is good, finish quality is about 90%.

Brand: Decool
Set: DC and Marvel Super Heroes
Set Numbers: 116 thru 121
Would I recommend this set?  Yes Product - HOT Avengers 3 Infinity War Building Blocks Toys Figures Legoing Marvel Thanos Iron Man Corvus Glaive Capation America Groot

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