Monday, December 1, 2014

Sheng Yuan SY250 Young Justice Mini Figures

Here's my latest acquisition of bootleg minifigures.  But technically these aren't bootleg because Lego hasn't made them yet.  These eight figures represent the Young Justice team.  Unlike some of Sheng Yuan's other minifigures, these ones don't have the two sided heads, but there is printing on the backsides.

Here's Kid Flash forward facing.

Kid Flash from behind.

my personal favourite:  Artemis

Artemis from behind.

Aqualad with two water bolts.

Aqualad from behind.

Superboy with muscle shirt and jeans.

Superboy from behind.

Nightwing forward facing.

Nightwing from behind.

Miss Martian, complete with freckles.

Miss Martian from behind.  

 Match in his solar suit, the evil clone of superman.

Match backside.


Robin backside.

Group shot. Build and print quality is excellent.

Brand:  Sheng Yuan
Set Number: SY250
Set:  Young Justice super heroes
Would I recommend this set? Yes. Product - HOT Avengers 3 Infinity War Building Blocks Toys Figures Legoing Marvel Thanos Iron Man Corvus Glaive Capation America Groot

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