Sunday, December 1, 2013

Decool 0101-0109 Super Heroes Mini Figures

In December 2013, I made my first purchase of bootleg Lego mini figures from Ebay.  At the time I didn't know about the different brands.  I just thought they were were cool that you could buy just the mini figures and they were really cheap.  My very first set was from the brand Decool.  It was a nine figure set consisting of super heroes from both the Marvel and DC universes.

Each mini figure came with a picture card and an instruction leaflet.

 The mini figures came partially assembled in plastic bags.  Here they are with the images and assembled figures.  Some of the paint finish is better on some figures than others.

Marvel's Captain America 0101 with his shield.

Marvel's Hulk 0102.

Marvel's Spider-Man 0103 with his spiderweb.

Marvel's Thor 0104 with his hammer.

Marvel's Iron Man aka Iron Hero Mark 42 0105 with his repulsor rays.

Marvel's Hawkeye 0106 with crossbow.

DC's Batman aka Bat Hero 0107 with his batarang.

DC's Superman 0108.

DC's General Zod 0109 with ray gun.

Brand: Decool
Set: Super Heroes mini figures
Set number: 0101 thru 0109
Would I recommend this set? Yes. Product - HOT Avengers 3 Infinity War Building Blocks Toys Figures Legoing Marvel Thanos Iron Man Corvus Glaive Capation America Groot

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