Thursday, October 4, 2018

Lego 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set on sale

On Costco's Canadian website, I found this Lego set on sale.  It's the Lego Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V set 21309.   This set normally retails for $149.99 CDN but has it on sale for only $118.99 CDN before tax with free shipping.  That's just under 20% off. 

Normally, I'd buy a comparable Lepin version of the set, but when I checked Aliexpress, the cheapest knockoff set of the Saturn V was still priced at around $104 CDN.   The Lepin version of the Saturn V is 37003.  Here's a sample listing:

I would have expected that the Saturn V bootleg price should be closer to $50 CDN. With such a small price difference between the original Lego set and the Lepin bootleg set, I decided to go with the Lego set this time.  This set has 1969 pieces, which works out to only 6 cents per piece.  These days, most Lego sets cost about 10 cents per piece, so this set is a really good deal. I bought the set 2 days ago and it arrived today!

Unfortunately I won't have time to build it this year, so it will have to wait until 2019.  I'll post pics and a review then.   Thanks for looking!

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