Thursday, May 4, 2017

Picture of the Day: Molly On Her Segway

Hello, just posting another picture of a day in the life around Its-Not-Lego Town.   Today, Molly is trying out the new Segway she got for her birthday.   She heard news of the re-opening of the Sweet Shop bakery that just moved into the Lepin Cafe Corner building and wanted to see if she could ride over and try some of the delicious free samples.

It's a rough and bumpy ride past the Lepin Fire Brigade and the Lepin Town Hall.  She waves to the newlywed couple that just got married.  Just when she started getting used to the ride, she now finds her route obstructed by a large pallet of bricks right in the middle of where she plans to go.  And there's no crosswalk in sight.

It looks like the construction workers are too busy working on the building to care that they are blocking the sidewalk.  Why, they even parked their giant Sluban cement mixing truck on the sidewalk.  Now, Molly has to decide if she takes her new Segway out onto the busy road, or turn around and go home and miss out on the free treats. Product - New Lepin 15003 Creators series the town hall model Building Blocks set compatible legoed 10224 classic house Architecture toy

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