Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Top 10 Alternative Lego Brick Toys in My Collection

I started out playing with Lego building blocks as everybody has.  Then for a brief period of time, I put together some Mega Blocks brick sets but they were horrible.  I soon discovered and the world of alternative brick toys opened up to me.

I remember searching for Lego on Ebay but every once in awhile the word Enlighten appeared, what the heck was that?   Pretty soon I was buying some Enlighten sets and found them to be pretty much like Lego.  That's when my curiosity piqued and I started to look at even more alternative Lego brand building sets.

Here's a list of the Lego alternative building block brands in my collection:

1.  Enlighten
2.  Kazi
3.  Decool
4.  Sluban
5.  Ausini
6.  Gudi
7.  Wange
8.  Bozhi
9.  Lepin
10.  Bela

And here's a list of Lego alternative minifigure brands:

1.  Sheng Yuan
2.  Decool
3.  Lele
4.  Pogo
5.  Xinh
6.  Dargo Product - KAZI 536pc Police Station Building Blocks Helicopter Boat Model Bricks Toys Compatible famous brand brinquedos Birthday Gift6726


  1. How good are the pogo brand ones? Do you have pogo assadins creed? Sturdy like sy? Sy minifigures are the best. Do you know ksz or xsz? They have assasins creed brand. Wondering if those are good as sy.

    1. Pogo brand is pretty good, but I don't have the latest Assassin's Creed figures yet. If you get them, let me know how they are.

  2. Ha! It started on a similar way for me, I had all my Lego collection stored for almost 15 years. When my kids reached the age of playing with blocks I also tried MegaBlocks then discovered Enlighten in eBay.
    I am curious about your experience with Ausini and Sluban, I just placed ordered Ausini train tracks for my son cargo train. The Sluban planes look fine too, and at a much better price than Lego.