Friday, May 1, 2015

Generic Brand Small Modular Buildings with Parts List

I found this set of four buildings on Aliexpress.  They are small modulars but there was no brand associated with them.

I tried to expand this very small image of the packaging and I think these building sets might be put out by the Winner brand, based on the style of the box.  What's cool is the Aliexpress store shows you all the parts that come with the set, so you could try and assemble them yourself if you have spare parts.  Although there are no instructions displayed, I think you could put these buildings together just based on the parts list.

The Small Villa comes with 218 pieces.  The small villa is white and gray with a red sloped roof and several windows.  It looks like you get two minifigures with each set, although looking at the pictures, they are similar to Lego minifigures but not totally compatible.  I just noticed that they mixed up the parts list for the small villa and the small house below.

The Small House also has 218 pieces.  It is a white building with blue and pink roof tiles. It has a small bell tower or steeple and comes with two minifigures.  It has a small fenced yard in the front.
There looks to be only one window and door.

The Small Farm has 195 pieces and has a windmill on the front.  The building has alternating gray and yellow bricks with red slope roof tiles.  It comes with two minifigures and fenced yard with foliage. It has four windows and one door.

The smallest building is the Coffee House with 149 pieces.  It is a white brick building with a flat roof.  The coffee house comes with two minifigures, front yard and four windows and a door.

These buildings cost around $10.29 each USD, which is a bit more expensive than the Hsanhe branded modular buildings.  I find these buildings are lacking interiors also. Product - Single Legoingly Mini City Street Series Food Candy Pizza Ice Cream Shop Bookstore MOC Building Blocks Kids Educational Toys

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