Thursday, May 1, 2014

Enlighten Locomotive 627

After waiting like what seems forever, my Enlighten train finally arrived from AliExpress.  It's based on a Derwent Grange steam locomotive.

I wasn't expecting the seller to ship the box, but here it is albeit slightly crumpled.  I also got 2 duplicate instruction booklets.   

I'm a big fan of these Lego style train sets, especially as they are so hard to come by.  Enlighten makes a number of trains but most of them have been discontinued, so I figured I better grab this one before it was retired also.  It cost me just under $20 USD with free shipping from AliExpress.

This set has 168 pieces and is about 80% similar to Lego's Hogwart's Express set 4708 released back in 2001.  This set has both the locomotive and the tender, whereas the Lego set had the locomotive and a train car.  The set comes with a single minifigure.   As with most Enlighten train sets, this one did not come with any track, unlike  Ausini brand train sets which come with six or seven pieces.

The build was pretty straightforward and the Enlighten bricks are completely compatible with Lego bricks.  This non-powered train set is molded in red and black with word printing on the locomotive and tender, not stickers.  It should be noted that the red bricks have a slightly metallic sheen to them.

Pictured above is the front of the locomotive.  Unfortunately it doesn't come with a front coupler.  Derwent Grange is printed on the side and 3688 towards the rear.

Note to self: add some small round black pieces to the hopper to simulate coal.

The engine cover opens up to reveal the steam engine inside.  

There's some nicely detailed tiles inside the cab.

Both trucks under the locomotive's carriage swivel making turns on the track a breeze.  

Above is the coal car with Enlighten brand on the side of it.

Here is the undercarriage for the coal car.  The magnets on all of the couplers are quite strong.

A ladder adorns the back of the coal car.

Here is the steam locomotive pulling an Ausini brand tanker car and an Enlighten brand caboose.   Now I just need to get some more train tracks.

Brand: Enlighten
Set: 627
Model:  Derwent Grange Steam Locomotive
Number of Brick Pieces: 168 Product - AUSINI 25813 City Red Old Locomotive Train Model Figure Blocks Compatible Legoe Educational Building Bricks Toys For Children

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