Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wange 51013 Police Helicopter Building Set Review

Today's block set review is for the Wange 51013 Police Helicopter.  It comes with two and a half mini figures and a total of 206 pieces.  It's a 3 in 1 set which means you can build it 3 different ways.

This is the smallest helicopter brick set that I own.  It's only got room for one mini figure inside it, but they don't have any hatch or opening top to put the figure inside.  I'll talk more about the mini figures later.

The helicopter is white and blue predominately, with a turquoise windscreen.  The chopper blades swivel and flip up.

Here's the bottom view.

And here's the top view.

It comes with two ladders on the side and a searchlight on the bottom.  It also has a side mounted camera on the left side of the unit.  There are three printed pieces, the nose says Police, the tail says 03 and the cockpit instrumentation.

The set also comes with a mini car and an Indiana Jones like figure, don't ask me why.

You get a police officer and half a pilot. Yes, only the top half, although they could have given you the whole figure.  Pretty pointless.

Here's the two main figures.  The torsos are nicely detailed on both of them.

The figures are not lego compatible.  Their heads are square and the legs are molded differently.  

Plain backside of the police figure.

Side view of the Wange mini figure.

Here's the police figure in relation to the helicopter.

This is the version of the model that I built.

You can also build it as a police plane.

The third model is some kind of police snowmobile I would guess.

They give you a lot of spare parts to build the three different models.

Here's how the front of the instruction manual looks like.

I don't think this set is a knockoff of a Lego set because I couldn't find any Lego police helicopters that look like this model.  Build quality is decent enough.

Brand: Wange
Set: 51013 Police Helicopter
Number of pieces: 206
Mini figures: 2 and a half.
Would I recommend this set?  Yes, except for the mini figures.

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  1. Liked your review of the product. Thanks for writing.
    Do you have the instruction manual for this block set. Unfortunately my son lost the manual and all the pieces are mixed up with a larger lego construction kit. Would be great if you can either point me to a link online or send across the images of the construction manual.