Monday, October 1, 2012

Wange 32052 Villa Building Set Review

Horrible, just horrible.  That's how I feel about this Wange Villa set number 32052.

Here's the instruction manual.

The manual and the 458 pieces.

The base plate is really flimsy and the house won't stay on it.

The bricks won't stay together very well, especially the roof tiles.

See how crappy the roof looks?

I don't like how yellow the bricks are either. I was hoping that they might be more of a tan colour.

The two gray cylinder poles are useless.

Definitely not impressed.

I didn't either bother finishing the set.  I'll probably tear the villa down and reuse the pieces somehow.

Here's the other villas in the Wange Creation series. There's a total of six buildings.  I ordered two other villas from this series around the same time, so I guess I'm stuck with them.  I don't recommend these Wange villa buildings unless you have too much hair or really want to test your patience.

Brand: Wange
Series: Creation Villa
Set: 32052
Number of pieces: 458
Would I recommend this set?  No way. Save your money. Product - Wange 5311 1298PCS Architecture series the Rural villa Building Blocks set Classic MOC house Toys for Children Gifts


  1. Hmmm... i just finished building up 1 of the 3 bigger sets no. 34053 a couple of days back. It comes with black roof & nice tan-coloured walls. Other than the loose outdoor table & the red apples that won't stay on the big tree, i'm rather impressed with the main Villa and the other nice little details like the striking black & white checkered walkway, beautiful fences, external lamposts/lights, even the see-saw! Though the big grey baseplate is the same flimsy type (similar to Lego's bigger baseplates too), the finished building is sturdy and the bricks fit very well together if effort is taken to press down each layer of bricks firmly before building the next level. Similarly for the roofing tiles, once they are correctly aligned & pressed hard in place, they stay firmly together. Quality of the glass pieces for the doors and some of the windows are quite good too, without any big scratch marks. No missing pieces with some extra spares for some of the smaller pieces.

    All in all, i am very pleased with the set & would give it a high 9/10 rating. Perfect mansion for my mini-figs! Looking forward to building my other big set no. 34052 too. =)

    1. thanks Bobo for your review of the 34053 set. Yes the bigger sets seem to go together a lot better and the tan colored bricks look better than the bright yellow ones. Glad you like your set!

    2. Hi Bobo, I just bought a set of 34053 too. Unfortunately the instruction to built the set was missing from the package. I tried to claim to the seller but the can't help.
      Do you mind helping me out by send me digital copies of your instruction book? photographs version will be fine, but scanned will be perfect if possible.
      This set will be just a pile of bricks without the instruction, that's why I really need your help for this.
      please send the file to my email:
      thank you very much for your help.

  2. I could aggree with Bobo that the bigger sets are nice, I have all tree and I built two. The pices are not perfect fit, but good enough, far better then other sets in the same priceline. Sorry to hear that the yellow sets are that bad :(

  3. Can you please share the manuel. I have lost it and couldnt find anywhere

  4. Let me ask... The back of the buildings are really opened? There are no walls/ bricks???? :O

  5. Let me ask... The back of the buildings are really opened? There are no walls/ bricks???? :O