Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kazi 8052 Fire Station

I wasn't sure what to expect with this Kazi 8052 Fire Station.  I had previously built two fire vehicles made by Kazi and was overwhelmed by the smell of gasoline from both sets.  Luckily, this 300 piece set did not smell.  Also, I was impressed that the bricks fit together very well.

This set comes with two fire fighter mini figures and an emergency vehicle.  This fire station is part of Kazi's Fire Fight series.

This is how the assembled set looks according to the instructions.

I wish there was an instruction booklet instead of the one page sheet that was provided.  This is the front of the instructions.

Here's the second page of the instructions.

These are all the pieces that you get.  Ignore the light gray piece, somehow the lego plate got into the picture somehow.

Building the supports.

Cool little computer and mug.

Completing the first floor.

The garage bay with working roll-up doors.

Building the second floor of the station.

Two storeys done.  The door slides.

The third floor.  Another computer station.

Completed fire station - rear view.  See the water cooler on the second floor?

Completed fire station - front view.

Notice anything different? I rebuilt it so that it's the mirror image with the garage on the right side.

Mirror image build - rear view.

Nope you're not seeing a reflection.  I bought two of the Kazi fire station.  At some point in the future, I'm going to merge the two buildings into one.

Brand: Kazi
Set: 8052 Fire Station
Number of pieces: 300
Would I recommend this set? Yes.

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  1. Hello I'm looking for the manuel for Kazi 8051 fire station 774 do you have it? If yes could you send or To me?