Saturday, November 1, 2014

Decool 0183 Green Goblin Big Fig

The Green Goblin by Decool is now my fifth Bigfig, after the Hulk, and 4 different Ben Grimm Things.  Near as I can tell the Decool version of this mini figure is identical to Lego's original figure.

Finally got this after waiting about 3 weeks.

Before assembly.

Assembled Green Goblin, a bit of paint loss on the upper arm.

Backside of Green Goblin looks flawless.

Green Goblin looking for a new playmate.

Here's Green Goblin and Spidey bonding.

Brand: Decool
Set: 0183 Green Goblin Big Fig
Would I recommend this set? Yes. Product - Super Hero Action High Marvel Avengers Figures Hulk Darkseid Gorilla Grodd Ironman Mark 38 Igor Kids Toys hero figure

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