Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wange 40615 Automobile Carrier

Here is a tractor trailer set by Wange.  It's set number 40615. Not sure why they call it an automobile carrier, when clearly it's just a cargo truck. This is my first set by Wange.

The design of this truck is a close copy of Lego's Truck and Forklift set 7733 that came out in 2008.  While Lego's truck was green, the Wange version is red.

You get one mini figure with the set.  The Wange mini figure isn't that compatible with Lego minifigs, as the arms and legs are completely different.

Here's the mini fig from behind.

The rear trailer can be detached and the front axle pivots.

Here's the side view.

Here's the rear view.

There's lots of storage room inside.

The cab roof can be removed to put the mini figure inside.

Here's the whole set with more pics below.

Here's the instruction manual. The set has 310 pieces.  Build quality is average and the mini figure sucks.

Brand: Wange
Set: 40615 Automobile Carrier
Number of pieces: 310 pieces
Minifigs: 1
Would I recommend this set?  Yes, but only if the price was right. Product - City super police station mobile Command centre legoeinglys block policeman swat figures helicopter jeep truck car stacking toys

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  1. is wange set structure pretty good? i mean, i buy sluban double decker bus B0331, and the bus floor easily colaps, as sluban provide only minimum supply of bricks